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Ceil J

Copied my a discussion of this on facebook:
I have it! It is very over priced but I (finally) like how it works. It is a very thin piece of plastic that goes over the quilting hoop and is held in place by 12 very strong magnets that fit into slots in the plastic. The advantage which I learned is that you can hoop a thick quilt easily and securely. I do wish it came with 4 more magnets but it works fine as it is; I'd just like the extra security. I used it when I had a quilt with a lot of applique. I wanted to embroidery on the quilt but the applique made it very difficult for it to fit into the quilting hoop and I didn't like how the Janome magnets pulled at the fabric. When I first bought it I didn't see the advantage of it but now that I've used it a few times (even without applique) I do like it very much as it's easy to move the quilt to a new spot with this. I would caution not to use any type of dense design with it as, while it does hold, it's not the same as hooping.
Good place to order in my opinion is   It is $40 but you get free shipping over $50 so add a spool of thread or two or needles.

On Tue, Feb 12, 2019 at 10:06 AM favymtz <favymtz@...> wrote:
I'm answering the questions from Ceil and Nyssa:
  • I was able to purchase extra magnets through my Janome dealer where I bought the DIME Quilt Topper. A side note to this is that I first contacted DIME and asked them to please include more magnets with the Topper and they refused, saying that their development team thought the number it came with (12) was adequate.
  • I find that the addition of 4 more magnets helped a lot, and the slots are long enough for 2 magnets per slot.
  • If it sits too high above the feed dogs? Yes, it does sit above the feed dogs, the thickness of the AQS hoop, but I've not had any issue with tension troubles or bad stitching because of it! 
  • Do I use it much? I have used it enough to say that I've got my investment back. It's not inexpensive for what it is. The main expense of the Topper is the magnets, especially if you decide to order more.

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