Re: Thread problem? Photos

Claire Schutz

I just fixed that problem.  I spent about three hours yesterday, changing needle, tension, speed, taking bobbin area apart, cleaning, changing bobbin holder, ohhhh, other methods as well.  Late last night had a thought, remove and clean the inside of the thread guide.  Did this and "wow" by magic I just finished my design, even using metallic thread.  I can not stress this enough that we should all clean this area as this is the second time I have had this happen.  It is on pg 159 of the manual.  If you have the new manual it may be on another page.  You can be sure I won't forget this again, at least hopefully, ha, Claire S.

On 2/7/2019 1:55 PM, sandra.sproles wrote:
I have experienced this same shredding when doing embroidery. The thread was shredding just like your picture and it was showing the bobbin thread on the top. I was using Mettler 40 weight polyester embroidery thread and a size 11 organ needle. 


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