Re: USB drive with R18 hoop

Cat - N


The RE18 Essentials Hoop Kit that I purchased came in a box with the complete hoop including  template, and a USB stick (thumb drive) containing embroidery designs inside, and possibly some documents...not sure.   Since it is possible to purchase 'replacement' hoops, it 'may' be possible to purchase a 'replacement' RE18 hoop and/or template alone (not in the Kit), but I have no information on that at very sorry.  If you purchased the RE18 Essentials Kit in the box but did not remove a USB stick, if you still have the box, you might want to look inside it.  I seem to recall that the USB stick was 'tucked in' somewhere in the box to keep it safe during transport, but I believe the box said on the outside what was inside the box, and I remember looking for the USB stick (mine was fairly in color, I think...I can look, just not right now), then looking through the box to make sure everything was removed.  I do still have the box stored as well, but I removed everything from the box a few years ago when I bought it.   I don't know if any of this helps.

- Cat (FL)

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