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Claire Schutz

Also, if you have TruSizer only it won't open EMB files, Claire S.

On 2/6/2019 8:34 PM, Cat - N via Groups.Io wrote:
Just to clarify...

There is an EMB folder (and an ORD folder with an Ordf folder inside it) on the RE18 Essentials Hoop's USB device put there by Janome, and within the USB device are the actual embroidery designs, which are .jef file format.

There is an .emb (embroidery design 'object') file format from Wilcom. 

The computer and the embroidery machine are both able to open the EMB (and ORD and Ordf) folder on the Janome RE18 USB device...unless the device and/or files/folders are corrupted, damaged, etc.

- Cat

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Your machine can’t read an .emb file that is the design file for editing in software before saving a copy as a machine file.  Assuming you have a Janome machine it will need to be saved as a .jef, or for the 12 and 15000 .jef or .jpx.  Most Janomes will also read .dst but you will need the colour chart as .dst doesn’t hold colour information, it defaults to the colour charts held on the machine,

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