Re: USB drive with R18 hoop

Lyn Quine

The R18 has an EMB folder which contains files in the formats required for your machine to read.  I’m not sure, I can’t remember and I’m nowhere near my computer to check, but I think there maybe some .emb files on the USB for editing, I may be wrong it’s a while since I looked at it and I may be confusing with a completely different USB or list of files.  I know Janome put s9me in the V5 software.

 If you Create in Hatch a .emb file that is the editable design file, it cannot be read by your machine, you have to save it as a stitch file a .jef. Or .jpx. Or .dst I think the emb file and EMB folders have got muddled in previous posts I know I got confused.  

Always save the design file as a .emb don’t overwrite it as a stitch file.  The .emb is fully editable the stitch file is limited for editing.

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