Re: RE18 hoop

Ceil J

About 8 years ago I ordered a little metal safebox from Staples for my grandson who like to save his pennies.  It for some reason was shipped from CA and arrived with the warning label.  I tried to find out what it was about, even calling a CA store that sold the item.  They said that almost everything they sold had "those stickers" on them and that they had no idea what it meant.  CA has very, very strict laws on what may or may not cause cancer and this label would not have been on items sold in other states. I searched over and over and made several phone calls and never came up with a satisfactory answer.  If that item had been shipped from any other state at that time it would not have had that label.  One of the people in CA finally said that "everyone ignores thos labels because they're on everything."  I wish I had a clear answer to this.

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