Re: USB drive with R18 hoop


I had the same problem and never got the designs 

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On Sunday, February 3, 2019, 12:59 PM, Ceil J <cjancola@...> wrote:

I plugged the USB "Janome" stick  that came with the R18 hoop into my Windows 10 computer to see what was on it.  I bought it several years ago and wanted to see if there was anything worth using as I can not remember.  The computer told me there was something wrong with it so I tried it in another USB port with the same result and then tried it on a Windows 7 computer which didn't even recognize that the USB was plugged into a spot (I tried a few). 
Is this worth pursuing with Janome?  The designs are so small on their website that it's difficult to evaluate them.
Any thoughts?

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