Re: Need help with variable zigzag & freemotion

Jim_Stutsman <jim@...>

The knee lever only controls zigzag width, although when it stops you can also use it to raise or lower the presser foot. To get it to start stitching without a foot control you must push the START button, and STOP to stop stitching. Use the slide control to set a medium speed. It's not necessary to lower the feed dogs - the machine will do it for you. When you choose variable zigzag on the Application key (T-shirt) and Quilting, everything is preset for you.

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I put feed dogs down (I think). Got to the page where I select Center 2
or Left 2, put in the knee bar, I have QV foot attached to the ankle
that was attached to "A" foot as I see no other ankles that will work.
I removed foot pedal &couldn't get it to start stitching. Now I can't
find the place where I selected Center 2. What am I doing wrong?
Vicki Jo

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