Re: AcuFeed Flex

Jim Stutsman

In the US the machine upgrade to Quilt Maker is separate from the dealer-installed upgrade, and it's not free. Part #862414018 contains the HP needle plate, the HP foot, an open toe darning foot (PD-H), a 1/4" seam foot without guide (O), a variable zigzag open toe foot (QZ), and ruler foot QR. Price for this kit varies by dealer. Note that the HP foot in this package is different from the HP2 foot, as it is NOT AcuFeed. The new foot HP2 is designed to be used with the AcuFeed system. Part number for that foot is 202415004. This foot MUST be used with the HP needle plate.

In your case you will need to purchase the Quilt Maker Machine Accessory Upgrade Kit first (Part #862414018) to use the HP2 foot. Your dealer may have both in stock, but they can also be ordered.

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