Re: AcuFeed Flex

Cat - N

I definitely have more problems with the narrow foot holder.

I saw Jim's reply about foot pressure, and, of course, I didn't try reducing the foot pressure for the 'pop out' with the narrow holder and foot because I was only seaming two layers of fabric (satin) for a doggy garment at that time, which were already sliding freely (think "limbo") under the foot when the foot was down, so the presser foot wasn't touching the fabric at all...rather than futz with figuring out the problem right then, I just changed to the wide holder, which held the satin fabric layers well. 

I don't have any trouble with the wide foot holder, which rarely pops out, but the narrow one's little 'stomper' grabs a lot more air than fabric a lot of the time, and, of course is popped out when it is grabbing/clawing air. When it is grabbing fabric, I love it for bindings with the zipper foot in the holder, so I will give changing the foot pressure a try on the next quilt binding for sure if that little buggar is grabbing air instead of fabric.  (IDK would be so nice...wish manufacturing was still in Germany.)

Thanks much for the suggestion!

- Cat

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