AcuFeed Flex


Thanks for the response on long term storage of a machine.

As a follow-up, I keep having problems when I try to use the new Accufeed Flex system feet on my 15000 and S9. Most recently I was trying to sew the binding on some placemats. I was using the narrow foot VD foot because I was sewing a half inch binding close to the edge. When I would get to the corner and try to make the 90 degree turn and start to sew the next side, the top feed mechanism was initially not grabbing the placemat. Then as the bottom feed dogs continued to push it, it jammed up against the top feed foot and then the dual feed link would disengage (pop out altogether). Did not have this problem on my 6600 Accufeed system. (I was trying it on both because I was pondering investing in the quilt binder attachment.)

Am now wondering if I should have used the wider feed foot but moved the needle to the right. Has anyone else encountered problems when starting to sew with the narrow AcuFeed Flex foot?


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