Re: Storage question

Jim Stutsman

This is an interesting question. As far as the "shelf life" of a machine is concerned, if it's kept in a cool, dry environment it should be essentially unlimited. There may be some small changes. I am reminded of the issue of the covers of the Memory Craft 10000, almost 20 years ago. Most people kept them in a dark closet, since the machine was in frequent use. When pulling out the cover they were surprised to see that the ivory color was almost lemon yellow. Some facet of the plastic caused it to change color when kept in the dark. If exposed to full sun it would eventually drift back toward white, but would not stay that way if stored in the dark again.

I can get behind the storage idea for two scenarios: 1) If Janome completely stops innovating, or new machines are relentlessly worse than those that went before. This can happen from time to time with new models, but it's definitely not a trend. Janome R&D does a pretty good job of improving the products through each iteration.  2) If Janome quits making machines entirely. Back in the early 90s it was predicted that the number of sewing machine companies would decline to the point that only 1 or 2 were left. That hasn't happened, but there has been a significant decline in the strength of the brands, specifically Pfaff and Singer. The big players now are Brother and Janome, in that order.

If it were me, I would probably not do it. Most machines today have embedded computers, and computer technology continues to evolve to levels we never dreamed of. Today I might wish that I'd bought an Apple 1 and put it "on ice", but only because it would have tremendous resale value as an antique. From a functional standpoint it would be nearly useless. Sewing machines are not quite to that level of development, but they have gotten much better over the years. From the standpoint of the machine manufacturers, given the price of the top of line machines, they only way to keep going is to keep making big improvements to encourage upgrades.

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