Storage question


This is probably a Jim question but welcome others perspective as well...
What is the life of a sewing machine that is kept in the box in a climate controlled storage unit?

As background, I currently have a 6600P that I love for sewing. But, it is 10 years old and gets moderately heavy use as my go-to sewing machine (especially anything involving dual feed...the new Accufeed Flex system and I do NOT have a good relationship). I know that Janome has recently retired it in favor of the new 6700P, but I do not like it as well as my 6600P. I am pondering whether I should get a second, back-up machine before the back stock runs out and put it in storage until the day something happens with mine and it cannot be repaired. But I did not know if there is a natural “decay” process that I need to be aware of, hence my opening question.


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