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Sandie Williamson <stitchin211@...>

Jim & Diane offer the FootBook that is for use with iPhone & iPad only. It can be purchased singly or in a bundle with 'My15000' & 'Quilt in the Hoop', which is iPad only use.
I have spent long periods with FootBook & My15000 & highly recommend both. I've spent little time to date with 'Quilt in the Hoop' but fully expect that part of the bundle will be rated highly just like the others. 
Separately, you can get an updated manual (if your machine has been upgraded) from your dealer at no charge which includes all updates and you'll get a pdf link. It's 198 pages but not workbook. Its detail is helpful.
Also, I have recently become aware of 'Quiltmaker MC15000 Workbook' that includes another book, the addendum- there's no need to buy addendum because it is included in the workbook. Amazon offers it @$59.95- I don't own it- (only aware of its existence). 
The MC15000 is sufficiently complex that I'm open to having each & every aide in learning all its secrets & at some point, I'll not need their help with each step but so far, I'm a 100% needy 15000 user. 
Enjoy all the aides that help master our machines & I hope these items help you master your MC15000.

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i was wondering if there's a work book for MC15000 for the feet.



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