Re: IMac question


Hi Caroline,  I just joined this group so I realize this response will be dated. I hope you did not destroy your hard drive.  It might be readable.  It could be that you need a new power cord or a power supply OR the hard drive is bad.  Still, the drive can be replaced and you can get some more life out of the computer if nothing else major is wrong with it.  The power supply can be replaced too.  So, I own this handy device for reading hard drives (once I take them out of the machine):

It is no longer available on Amazon, but this looks very good and is for PC and Mac and you don't need drivers; it is plug and play:

If you haven't done anything and have any more questions, please let me know how I can help.  And on your new computer, please consider buying yourself a backup drive and using Time Machine to back it up.  These are very good:
Keep in mind the newer version are more expensive because you can encrypt them now or put a password on them, in other words they are more secure.  


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