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I just used mine last night-I used the Accufeed ditch quilting foot AND the metal quilting guide, no problem-you can force it nicely into that plastic hole.

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What a coincidence! That's exactly the same problem I had when trying on the "husky" jeans to see if I could downsize form the OMG size. Maybe Diane can use them in a project.

The machine comes with a single quilting bar, which fits in the snap-on foot holder. It does not fit in either of the Dual Feed feet, as you discovered. This begs the question of why they didn't include compatible bars, especially given the attention that has been paid to using the machine for quilting. A cynic would say they were just trying to get more money from you. I'll be charitable and say it was an oversight, but you're going to have to either use your Bernina bar or buy the Long Quilting Bar Guide Set (Part #202025003). Sorry for the bad news!

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I just tried putting the quilting guide bar on the AD foot, and it is too fat. any one else have this problem? It fits in the foot holder for the A foot, but not the even feed feet. I didn't want to force it. The quilt guide bar from my Bernina works has a smaller diameter shaft, so I'm using that, but...maybe I mixed them up between my machines, so did anyone else have success with the guide bar? Barbara Jean

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