Re: 15000 V3 workbook

Sandie Williamson <stitchin211@...>

I am in US, contacted my dealer last week & have now received a link for the mantal for the updated 15000 that includes addendum but I believe that's for the workbook anyway & if you can workout buying the Quiltmaker WWorkbook for 15000, it includes that addendum.
I did get tge free link for updated 15000 at no charge & I assume you'd have access to that from your dealer. It is 198 pages. My dealer sent an added link that covers how one connects the machine to your machine, etc.
I hope you can work it out. Since I don't know if there are differences in how UK links are written, I'm not including the link here. I wish you luck in getting both.
In US, the Quiltmaker Workbook (includes addendum) is on sale on Amazon for $59.95 

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