T-shirt Blanket


Hi again everyone.
I got soooooooooooo many wonderful and amazing ideas in response to my earlier request for something to make for my cheerleader granddaughter and her cheer squad. THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!! Now to decide which item(s) to make them.....
Now I have another question - I have lots of t-shirts and want to make a two sided t-shirt blanket/quilt for my sons. There are so many options and have watched lots of videos and not sure what to do. Is it best to iron on interfacing or just use the shirts as they are? Best to add sashing or just sew the shirts together? I would prefer to sew the front and back rather than tie them. I don't have a long-arm so can't quilt them easily.. I have lots of my own shirts so I can practice on those as a test before I make the blankets for them. I would very much appreciate any suggestions or ideas from anyone who has made them.
Have a blessed week everyone!

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