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Thanks Mary and Jan.
Nice to get an endorsement of the DC line on the speed control.

I think she could get accustomed to the auto settings and buttons as she is generally comfortable with technology, it was mainly the speed aspects she was complaining over.

I do admit to a few concerns on the fabric weight side of things, but it does not sound like she will be trying to use really heavy fabric and linings.  Plus since she will be going very slowly, vibration should be less of an issue.  I did a little looking for a 6500 but could not find one locally and am not comfortable recommending an online buy.  To be honest, if she ran into something that particularly needed that level of “umph”, I would probably invite her over and let her use my 6600 (under supervision).


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Additional things to consider....
1. Curtains and pillows can be bulky if she's sewing home dec fabrics so be sure the choice is up to that work. 
2. If she's used to a treadle, would she be comfortable with buttons and auto settings/adjustments?
3. Older workhorse Kenmore 385 series machines were made by Janome and often found at online selling sites, and sometimes at sewing/vac repair shops (at least near me, sometimes).
Several years ago, my daughter had one of the DC series but complained that it vibrated and shook when she got going. Mind you, she's known for a lead foot on the gas pedal. She sold it and bought a used MC6500. She does a lot of costumes with all kinds of fabrics.
Jan Steiner

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