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Cat - N

I made zippered bags in the embroidery hoop last Christmas.  I made 19 in one day...the embroidery machine worked on each bag about 5 minutes on each bag...I didn't personalize because they were 'pick one' gifts...I worked all day making them, then turned them right side out the next day.  Some of the fabrics I used needed to be matched during cutting, so those took longer.  Then I made more the next day, so a total of 22 in only 2 days.  I made them in my RE18 hoop (5.5x7), so they were a nice size.  They were overwhelmingly received, and I ended up making at least a half dozen more soon after, because people liked them that much. 

First choice went to very close family, and they were told they could choose as many as they wanted.  My DIL selected several, some for herself, some for my grandson to carry crayons, etc., in.  My granddaughter chose several, and put nail polishes in them in a drawer, which keeps them nice and neat, and they travel with her easily.  Some friends use them to carry diabetic supplies with them...very discrete. 

I kept one for myself...the black and hot pink one, and I carry ear buds, a tape measure, an ink pen, and some other small items in it like right now some peppermints since I breathed something in the day after Christmas and the peppermint helps with breathing.  The bag fits into my inside jean jacket pocket nicely. One family member uses it for cosmetics she carries in her pocketbook.

The embroidery design I used was "Easy Zipper Bags 2" from (I have no affiliation with the website other than as a customer), and the design came in six different sizes (4x4, 5x7, 6x10, 7x12, 8x12, and 8x14).  I did greatly reduce the instructions...way too much taping, and the recommendation to use clear tape on the zipper teeth...yikes...lots of work. I only did that once, then just used painter's tape when/where necessary, but I had done quite a few ITH projects before, so making the bags was very fast after I condensed the instructions...but that's me...LOL

I chose the 5x7 size because I had lots of 9" zippers and I wanted a moderate sized bag.  I used a lightweight Pellon fusible interfacing, and the bags came out fantastic.  So many people loved them, that I went back and made more for several other of my friends loved hers so much she called me and asked for one for her friend...LOL  I also made more purple ones at Christmas because apparently, a lot of my friends and their daughters (and my granddaughter) love purple, and I ran out of purple bags very quickly.   I have put photos of some of the bags into an album I just created.

I have made other zippered bags like those since then, and those  are definitely 'on my list' for 'token gifts' for special little 'thank you' kinds of things.

- Cat (in FL)

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