Re: Question about older machines

Mary E

I have the DC2014 and I love it. The speed control is great and the auto threader ALWAYS works (as opposed to my 15000 which is hit or miss), and I purchased one of those after market presser foot sets to use with it. I have used this machine to teach young children to sew and they love that it can go very slowly. Not a million stitches on it but the ones it has are very good. Zig zag stitch is especially good quality, even better than my 15000 in my opinion. 

On Saturday, January 19, 2019, Pixey via Groups.Io <> wrote:
I have a friend who I was talking sewing with.  She has some basic sewing projects she wants to do, curtains, pillows, basic mending, etc. However, her ‘preferred’ machine (which is no longer available) was actually her grandmother’s treadle machine  because she could control the speed and sew very slowly.  I gather she had a bad runaway machine incident with an economy modern machine that left here afraid of the machine.  I showed her the speed control on my 6600P and she lit up with hope.  Unfortunately, her budget is more in the $300-$500 range.  We discussed the possibility of a retired  or used machine from a reputable vendor.

I was looking at some possibilities which would come with the speed control and spotted some in the 8000 and DC lines (8050, 8070, DC1050, DC2014, DC3050), but was not familiar with these lines.  Can you share some insights on whether these might be a good machine for her?


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