Re: Facebook Echo


Roberta -

I buy a package of UNWAXED dental floss and pull a string of it out and floss with it.  It's amazing what you can get out of the tension disks on your machine!  You must be sure that the package of floss says it's UNWAXED.  If it doesn't say - it's not the one you want as it will be filled with wax and that leaves a residue that you do not want.

Also - no matter what you are going to floss your tension with... dental floss, a clean dollar bill (or $5, $20... whatever - but needs to be crisp and clean), a strip of fabric...  Put a piece of fabric or paper under your foot and cover the hole into the bobbin area.  Keeps the gunk from getting down in there when you are cleaning/flossing. 

And- be sure your presser foot is UP to get your flossing back deep into the back of the tension.

Tracy in Nashville, TN

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