After Motherboard Replacement

Nyssa Lanzafame

Just wondering if there are certain things on a machine that would need to be recalibrated after the main board is replaced?  After a long wait, I finally had my machine back and picked it up before a class started.  I ended up leaving it, all I tried was simple sewing....but the bobbin sensor was telling me I was out of thread, even though it was a full spool and stitching perfectly.  Also, the needle threader which had been replaced when it was upgraded (which is also when it needed the new board) was working perfectly with the new upgrade, but was not after motherboard.....just wondering if it usual to need these recalibrated? and if there are any other surprises i should look for?  the shop is quite a drive for me, so if i had a list of things to check it might save me.  Though it would be nice if he would just go through it thoroughly before sending it home this time....i noticed that he had the wrong foot pedal with it too :(  mine was new and did not have yellow discoloration....I have a lot invested, and don't want to irritate him...but id like to get my foot pedal back. Unfortunately, I only owned the machine for 2 days b4 I had the update put on, thinking it was only going to be 2 hours, I never thought to label the parts with my name....

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