Re: JEF vs JEF+ vs PTN vs SEW

Jim_Stutsman <jim@...>

With Embird, when digitizing large designs you may have no other choice than JEF+. This "should" be OK, although it's possible that there might be some things in the 12000 version of JEF+ that they haven't worked out yet.

As for saving to USB, the machine only looks in the EMB folder for designs, nowhere else. You can put them in the EmbF folder that the machine puts there, but you can also create your own folders. As long as you create them inside EMB, the machine will show them. Note that designs MUST be in one of the folders inside EMB, or they will be ignored.

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Thank you Jim
That's exactly what I wanted to know. Now on the same topic, when I'm digitizing (embird) and it's a large design should I use the Jef+? It doesn't have any effect on the sewout does it? Also when I'm saving to USB I have to save to EMB - embf in order to see it on the machine, am I doing this right? Seems a little odd.

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