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Norma Jeanne

Thank you Jim
That's exactly what I wanted to know. Now on the same topic, when I'm digitizing (embird) and it's a large design should I use the Jef+? It doesn't have any effect on the sewout does it? Also when I'm saving to USB I have to save to EMB - embf  in order to see it on the machine, am I doing this right? Seems a little odd.

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The PTN format was an internal format used in Janome memory cards, and as far as I know has never been used for commercial designs. SEW format goes back to the Memory Craft 9000, and is limited to 12 colors and the 9000 hoop of 3 1/2 x 5. You won't want to get designs in either of these formats.

JEF is the standard format for all Janome machines from the 10000 and later. That's what you should try to get when purchasing designs. JEF+ is a special format used internally by the 11000, 12000, and MB-4. You can sometimes buy designs in JEF+ format, and the usually work. The 11000 was the first model to use the JEF+ format, and some design conversion programs (e.g. embird) assumed that the 11000 could only use JEF+. This was incorrect, but the idea persists and design sellers who use these conversion programs offer only JEF+ for the larger hoops.

To summarize, JEF is first choice, JEF+ when you can't get JEF.

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> Whats the difference? Is one better that the other? Just curious. TIA
> Norma

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