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Carole O'Mara

Thank you, Julia.  I visited their site and found a couple of designs that I like—single run and can use some sashing and border designs.  I’ve signed up for their emails, too.  I’ll look for their sales.  I’ll be interested to hear how your Star Edge to Edge using monofilament thread in top and bottom of machine.  

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Carol: The quilt I did in the Photos section called Acufil Quilting Project was showing how I set up the Acufil on my 12000 and was done back in 2014. I think when Jim transferred the files over to this site, it updated the dates to 2018. I can't remember where I got the pattern from to do that edge to edge since it was so long ago.
If your interested in doing this type of design, ie single run or no backstitching, I buy patterns now from a site called My Creative Stitches. which is a mom and daughter business.Great people to work with.
They do long arm type design but if you send them a note and tell them what machine you have and if they could convert a particular design on their site to jef format along with  what size of hoop you want to work in. You may have to make size adjustments but it works great for me. 
I'm working on one now that I got called Star Edge To Edge using monofilament thread top and bottom on my machine.  They have many designs and run sales quite often.
Hope that helps.

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