Re: error message: rethread

Jim Stutsman

It doesn’t sound like the problem is in the bobbin case. Loose stitches on the bottom are due to insufficient tension on the top thread. A loss of top tension could also cause a retread error message. Start by folding a narrow strip of fabric in half. Lock the machine and put the folded edge into the right hand thread slot near the top of the machine. Move the strip back and forth to floss out any debris that may be in there. A small wad of thread between the tension discs will move around and cause the tension to come and go, causing errors like you are having. If that doesn’t resolve your problem have your tech look at the check spring to make sure it is working correctly.

For the threader issue have your tech recalibrate it after setting the threader type to “OLD”. He’ll know where to do that. The NEW setting is only for machines that were built as Quilt Maker models.

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