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Hi, and congratulations on your new 11000!!

I am not an 'expert' but I got a pre-owned 11000 at the beginning of 2015, and a 15000 in early 2016.   My 11000 was already upgraded by a dealer to v.2 by the dealer so it was the equivalent of an 11000 SE when I got it. I upgraded it myself as soon as I got it to v.3.0 (I purchased the kit), and then to v.3.1, which is the highest possible for the 11000.  The upgrades are not difficult but what the machine can be upgraded to depends on the current version level.


If at v.1 now, you would need to talk to a dealer about v.2 (to upgrade it to be 'like' the 11000 SE), since hardware needs to be installed. 

If at v.2 now, the v.2.1 update is free for download on the Janome Support Machines 11000 website, but that is the highest without the v.3.0 kit, which would need to be purchased. You may need to ask a dealer about that kit.

If at v.3.0 now, v.3.1 is a simple download free from the Janome Support Machines 11000 website...instructions are included for download. 

V.3.1 is the highest level. ‎There is a driver you will need, too...also free from Janome. If you have Customizer, depending on the version you have, there is an update for it, too. 

So, when you turn the machine on, what version does it show on the display?

About designs, ‎just search for embroidery designs or whatever design you are looking will find tons of them...find the ones you want, pay, and download.  You will need to get the design onto the 11000 either by USB drive or USB cable from the computer. There are two other ways that I know of but those are the most common. 

The embroidery design websites vary...some‎ you may like more than others, many have specials and sales, sime offer samples to stitch out to see if you like the digitizer's (human's or software's) work in your machine, etc...a lot of purchasing designs is very personal preference...LOL 

- Cat

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From: Dotty Gullion
Sent: Monday, January 14, 2019 10:15 AM

I have bought a used 11000. Hardly used. Ive taught myself to use machine but cant figure out where to start with installing software or getting designs off the internet.please help

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