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Vikki Youngmeyer

Got the paperwork and CD from work yesterday and went to install it today. There is a crack in the CD –It either came from the factory that way or got impacted in a suitcase by something heavy! Anyway the paperwork shows the some issues being resolved and some new functionality :


Reduced length of thread tail with jump thread trimming

Presser foot now moves up and down during first few stitches to free thread, eliminating instances of thread getting caught between fabric and thread when starting embroidery

Adjustment of embroidery foot height

“OFF” setting option for bobbin thread sensor, as well as more precise sensor detection

Two new hoops: ASQ22 (for new AcuFil program) and HH10 (Flat Hat Hoop – available this fall)

Detailed information is displayed for each saved design

Foot height adjustment key on the Free Motion Quilting and Variable Zigzag screens

Back to start key

More stitches available with the straight stitch needle plate

Hoop Confirmation: Before embroidery starts, a window appears to confirm the hoop size

Option to choose a white or black color for the screen background color

Turkish added as additional language

Tablet PC Capability for HorizonLink

Updated abilities in Stitch Composer



Houston, TX


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