Photo album

Carole O'Mara

I looked at the photo album for the firs time and am so impressed with the quilting and embroidery you ladies do.  There are 2 photos that I am interested in.  They were posted 1/04/18--last year.  

1.  Acufil Quilting Project 2.  The embroidery design is called Sea Swirl 3MM.  If you used this design, can you tell me where you purchased it as I'd like to purchase the design.  I find it difficult to find single run designs on the web.

2.  A quilt called Cold Spell.  Can you tell me the name of the pattern for the quilt and also where you purchased the embroidery design?  I'd like to make the quilt and use Acufil to embroider it.

All you ladies are an inspiration.  I love our group and learn so much from you.

Carole - Colorado

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