Re: Question

Carole O'Mara

Some thoughts.  My dealer gave me $4000 for my 12000, plus the extra accessories that I had bought.  Since I did a trade in, the cost of the 15K was $12,000 (MSRP)  was based on the $12,000.  If I had bought it w/o trade in cost would be $10,000.  Big difference.  We have an eBay store here where they will advertise on eBay, do the packing/shipping which would be paid by buyer.  Then, store owner takes his share, eBay takes theirs and you get something less than the advertised selling price.  It was easier for me to trade in.

So, since the MSRP is @ $12,000, with my trade in of $4,000, cost was $8,000.  Be sure to do the numbers before you commit.  

Good luck.

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