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I was under the impression that we were talking about free motion couching. It sounds like you are talking about a regular sewing foot. For that the Janome Beading Feet set would work like your HV foot. You'll also need a 7mm shank to attach the foot to:

Part #830504017 or part #846572004: High shank foot holder for 7mm feet

Part #200321006

The Beading Feet Set consists of 2 feet, one with a 2mm groove and the other with a 4mm groove. The string of beads (or yarn) is fed through the groove to be stitched down with a narrow zig zag.

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I opened my Husqvarna yarn couching Foot set today. It had 2 sets of
guides. The smaller set fits almost perfectly on the 12000 lid.
Neither the feet or ankle fit on the 12000. However, I read somewhere
that a Pearl & Piping foot might work--at least maybe for freemotion.
FWIW. But neither the HV ankle nor foot fit the 12000.
Vicki Jo

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