Re: Yet another security alert

Cat - N

I am so sorry to hear that your identity was stolen.  I am glad it is straightened out now, but I also know it is awful to have that happen.  My friend's identity was stolen many years ago by a guy who handled physical paper records at an RV place where my friend was a physical customer.  The guy who stole my friend's identity had a girlfriend, who eventually felt 'guilty' enough that her boyfriend was living in another state, using his identity, and she called them on the phone to let them know.  Back then, no one seemed to give a hoot about identity theft...not even the Sheriff's office here or there, or any law enforcement would do anything to the guy.  They eventually did get stuff straightened out, but at least today, they pay more attention when it happens.  That says a lot, I guess, considering how frenquently it happens anymore.  Such an awful deal.

I am sick of the scams and robo calls on my phone (land line) phone, too...and having my cell phone call itself from its own number when no one is even in the same room with it (with the number being 'spoofed' of course).  Seems 'criminal' to me to harrass people that way using 'tools' they pay for, but the carrier sloughed it off pretty nonchalantly when I reported it.


Much more fun to sew...

- Cat

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