Yet another security alert

JoAnn Novak

We use caller ID.  If we do not recognize the number, we do not answer & let answering machine get it.  After 3 rings they hang up.  This saves a lot of aggravation & time.


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On 1/6/2019 4:51 PM, Carole O'Mara wrote:

My phone provider does not offer good call blocking to my land line so I get a lot of robocalls and unwanted calls.  But, I can block numbers on my iPhone.  When I am out for the day and hubby is not home either I use call forwarding to forward calls to my home to my iPhone.   When a call comes to the house, it forwards to my iPhone.  If I don’t recognize the number I don’t answer and if they don’t leave a voice mail, I block the number.  When I get home I disconnect from call forward and calls then can come to the house.  You can still make outgoing calls from the home phone even if Call Forward is on.  This has worked and has stopped a lot of calls to the house.  But they do call from different numbers so it’s never ending, but does slow things down.  

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