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Well it helps me. Wish I could afford the 15000.



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So it has been a while since I traded in my 12000 for my 15000, but I will take a shot at answering your question. There were a lot of small refinements between the 12000 and the 15000 which individually would not seem that major, but taken collectively they added up to a much more user friendly machine.

On the surface, you have a lot more screen real estate for the actual design because the user interface does not have the “dial wheel” style of moving around that you had with the 12000. Is also felt it has a more user-friendly interface. One of the things I love with the interface of the 15000 (and subsequent embroidery machines) is the ability to follow the design with a crosshair that shows the actual path it is stitching and where it is in the design. The 15000 also tracks usage time sewing and standby status, which is helpful for keeping track of when to take it in for maintenance. I think we were all surprised to discover how much more time was spent with the machine in standby status than actually engaged in stitching.

Also, the 15000 has a fully automatic needle threader. Now some members have had their threaders act glitchy, but as long as I followed the directions and locked the machine, I have never had any problem.

Also, the 15000 seemed to work a lot smoother on small design elements.

At the time, some members suggested that the 12000 felt like the version that had been rushed to market without sufficient user testing, but that the 15000 seemed to be the more finished product.

Another thing about the 15000 is that it comes with the Acufil Quilting hoop and rather than be a separate software, it is totally integrated into the HorizonLink Suite.

You don’t indicate which version of the 15000, you are thinking to upgrade to. There are actually 3. There was a version 1 machine, then they came out with a version 2 machine that seemed to fix a few minor glitches (this was the version I got), then they came out fairly recently with the Quiltmaker version. It was possible to upgrade an existing version 2 machine to the Quiltmaker level. In the US, the dealer changes out a few parts and does a software upgrade, you get a link from Janome to an upgraded version of HorizonLink Suite, and you get an additional set of “specialty feel and a special straight stitch plate to work with a true 1/4 width but also more effectively engage the feed dogs.

Hope this is helpful.

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I am also very interested in the response

Cindy Swenson 218-838-4090

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Subject: [onlinesewing-janome] Question
Date: Sunday, January 6, 2019, 9:44 AM

I have the 12000. I've had it
for 7 years. Love it. Is it worth it, to trade it in
for the 15000?
What are the difference between the two machines?
I would really appreciate your
opinion. Thank You very much. Maureen

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