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I was very stupid the week before Christmas. I got hacked big time, but was able to beat the hackers from buying on my paypal, bank account and credit card. I woke up one morning and saw the mouse moving all over the screen. I tried to stop it, thinking it was just a weird thing happening. The hacker then called me on the house phone with the caller ID of Comcast (my server). Dummy me I answered his question, gave him access to fix the problem, but it was not Comcast. While he was all over my computer I called Comcast directly. They told me to turn off the computer immediately, but he prevent me from moving the mouse to the shut down. Then they told me to quickly pull the plug! Which I did.  Then I saw when I could then sign on the computer minutes later that he bought 3-$200.00 gift card to target. I got intouch with Target, got them voided, then saw money would still be withdrawn now from my bank account. I got there before they did, and closed the account, then saw the charges would now be on my credit card, and I closed that account. It took a week working with companies 7 to 10 hrs a day, but finally it's all fixed. My computer has to go in to the Geek Squad to get it cleaned out, But all is good now. My husband asked me why I spoke with the man who showed up on the called ID from Comcast, and I told him I thought it was Comcast. I was told that Comcast will NEVER call you.  I didn't know that one ever told me.  Big lesson learned. I found out no server will call you. I also have a very expensive security system, but they beat that too!  I hope no one ever takes a call from their server, they don't call you


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I just got a phone call that was a recording stating that Apple security had been breached and my iCloud account was hacked. The Caller ID on my phone said "Apple Inc". Fortunately I already knew it was a scam from this post:  Apple Phone Phishing Scams Getting Better

It is possible with today's technology to make the caller ID of a phone call appear to be anything you want. This opens the door for endless streams of miscreants trying to separate you from your personal information and money. If there really were a breach Apple is not going to personally call every one of their customers! They would likely use email, though that can be spoofed as well. If you get a call from Apple, Microsoft, or any company that you are doing business with DO NOT give out any information. Instead log into the website by typing in the address, NOT by clicking an email link. If there really is a problem you will know.

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