Yet another security alert

Jim Stutsman

I just got a phone call that was a recording stating that Apple security had been breached and my iCloud account was hacked. The Caller ID on my phone said "Apple Inc". Fortunately I already knew it was a scam from this post: Apple Phone Phishing Scams Getting Better

It is possible with today's technology to make the caller ID of a phone call appear to be anything you want. This opens the door for endless streams of miscreants trying to separate you from your personal information and money. If there really were a breach Apple is not going to personally call every one of their customers! They would likely use email, though that can be spoofed as well. If you get a call from Apple, Microsoft, or any company that you are doing business with DO NOT give out any information. Instead log into the website by typing in the address, NOT by clicking an email link. If there really is a problem you will know.

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