Re: Using a USB extension cord

Cheryl Alm

Thanks for the explanation.   I’m off to Amazon to order one!

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Not silly at all. An extender typically extends out a shorter distance than a USB drive and it's flexible, so you have a bit of cable to absorb pushes and bumps. If you look into the USB port you'll see a white plastic bit that takes up about half of the space. The cable has a corresponding plastic bit, which ensures that the cable can only be plugged in one way. The actual contacts are bonded to that plastic piece. I had a customer who was complaining about the USB port not working. A glance inside the port revealed a tangle of thin metal pieces. The plastic piece had broken and the contacts peeled off. I had to order a new USB board, which thankfully is a separate part so the cost was much less. I have many times plugged in a USB device the wrong way, and the plastic pieces stop it from going in. If you get in a hurry and jam it quickly, damage could occur. By using an extension any damage happens in the extension (cheap), not the machine ($$$!). Back in our store mail order days, one of our more popular items was a 3" extension which we sold for connecting the USB dongle for the various versions of Digitizer. Those dongles were super precious, because they were not replaceable without a VERY compelling story.

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