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Interesting.  I just went and double checked and the only cord my 500E came with was the one that goes from the computer USB to the small square plug in on the machine.  It was still in original packaging.  But I have heard other stories of different countries getting some different accessories with their machines.


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Good Morning Pixie

My 500E came with two assorted USB cords in the box here in Australia. One is USB both ends, the other is USB to  a computer port. 
Seems strange USA purchasers  did not get these.

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On Friday, 4 January 2019, 3:41:29 AM ACDT, Pixey via Groups.Io <pixeyam@...> wrote:

Thanks Jim,

I was having difficulty finding shorter cards with Amazon’s search engine.  Have ordered several, one for each machine port.  I have always tried to be gentle when plugging in and removing USB drives and never had any trouble with my 350e, but there is always a first time.


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USB 1 is almost history. USB 2 is backward compatible and will work fine for your purpose. You want the overall length of cable from machine to computer to be 16 feet or less. So if you get a 3 foot extension you would want the main cabe to be no longer than 13 feet. Usually they run 6-10 feet, so that should be no problem.

USB 3 extenders would also work. This would appear to be a good choice for you:

It's a good idea to use an extender, because the inside of the USB port on the machines has a plastic bit that can be broken if a plugged-in USB drive gets bumped or whacked in the right way. 

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