IMac question

Caroline Wright

Jim, I need some Mac advice from the expert.  I bought a new 27” IMac last month thinking it may be time to replace my 2011 model and my timing was perfect as the old one will now not power up.  I have googled the problem and tried everything that is within my pay grade with no success.  The only thing that worked for an instant was wiggling the power cord and it sounded like it was going to start up as I heard a click and then nothing.

My question for you, is do you think it is worth paying to have it looked at/repaired?  Or should I just remove/destroy the hard drive and get rid of it?   I have my MBX V5 embroidery software installed on both IMacs and not sure how this will affect me installing again on another computer in the future unless I am able to uninstall?

Enjoyed the chat session yesterday.  Don’t know how I could do without your group.



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