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Joyce Daniel



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Sent: Monday, December 31, 2018 9:58 AM
Subject: [onlinesewing-janome] New Year's Chat


I have created the chat for use tomorrow. It's closed now, which means you cannot join it. I will open it at 3pm CST, January 1,  (US, that's 4pm EST, 2pm MST, and 1pm PST). In London that will be 9pm and Sydney 8am on January 2. Most of our members are in or close to one of those time zones. If you're not you'll have to work out when it is for you.

Joining is very simple. Just click this link: Happy New Year!

If you clicked this link prior to the chat time (Yes, I know some of you could not resist!) you will find no way to join it. When I open the chat it will be entered the same way, but there will be a "Join" button to add yourself to it. Once in, you will see what everyone "says" by a line of text on your screen, preceded by their group member ID. You can type in the box provided. Every time you press ENTER whatever you typed will join the stream in the chat. Whether you want to "speak" or not, I think it would be nice for everyone to enter your first name and city/state (or city/country if not US). That will give us a picture of just how far-flung the group is.

As near as I can tell, the chat function is wide open and uncensored. I don't imagine that will be a problem with this crowd, given that many of you have, like me, experienced having your mouth washed out with soap! You may have even been a wash-er as well as a wash-ee.

I will send out a couple of reminders tomorrow, as special notices. See you there!

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