Re: max stitches for a design on a 12000?

Cheryl Paul

The cable connection has a special plug at the machine - it isn’t the same shape as a regular USB on one end and a regular USB on the connection that goes into the computer.

Most embroidery machines after the 11000 are capable of using a USB Stick for design transfer, but if there isn’t a cable with the machine that has a square connector at one end and a regular USB connection at the opposite, you won’t likely have the option to transfer designs directly from the computer to the embroidery/sewing machine. Check your manual for all the parts that are included with your machine - that will give you the best clue as to what you can do for design transfer, etc.

Stitch count for embroidery also varies. The 15000 was the first machine to have a maximum of 200,000 stitches or maybe the 9900 - but the 12000 could only handle designs that were less than 100,000 stitches, which annoyed some folks I know at the time they discovered that fact. Then they were further annoyed when they found out that there was NO WAY that Janome could expand that with an upgrade. However, you’d need the patience of Job to want to stitch out designs with that many stitches.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

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