Re: max stitches for a design on a 12000?


I remember seeing this chart before and it is not quite accurate for the 350e.  You can do a file transfer via a USB, so it should be Y not N.  Also the folder path is actually a double level one EmbF>MyDesign.

I also have stocked up on smaller drives because I find they do work a lot faster and my older 350e in particular liked USB drives of 1G or less.  Trade show giveaways were a great source for these small drives.

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I know this has already been answered for the 12000, but I knew I had this somewhere from 2015, a summary of the file types, memory including maximum USB memory stick size,  and max stitches for each Janome machine.
If the attachment doesn't come through, I'll find another way to share it.
When I had my 11000, I remember that although it supported up to a 2GB USB memory stick, the larger the stick, the longer it took to display designs, so I kept small ones around to speed things up.
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What is the max number of stitches I can do in a design with my Janome 12000?
I have googled and looked thru my manual but I am not seeing this info.
TIA! Joyce

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