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I have that stand (it’s here, barely used, and I have its box),and would love to sell it.  In looking at the picture of the back of the box, the only part I do not have is small the thread guide.  Otherwise, the box contents are complete.  If I recall, I did one embroidery project with it.  
I also have the Circular Sewing Attachment for the 15000, and would love to sell it, too.  It has never been used.  I did attached it to my 15000 once, so it is the correct one for the 15000, but I never used it.  
Grand plans for both, zero follow through on my part. 😩. 
The photo shows the back of the spool stand box.  Both are real Janome items.
If you (or anyone else)  have an interest in acquiring, I can be reached via email at Pibby357@....  
BTW, I am in Reno, NV.



On Dec 21, 2018, at 3:13 PM, Gail via Groups.Io <gail_menard@...> wrote:

I think I recently saw a thread stand for the 15000 that didn't screw into the back of the machine, but hooked to the handle of something.  Is this available or did I image it.  If so, what is the part number?

Gail in FL

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