needle plate message setting up for embroidery

Chris House

First embroidery project begun on my new-to-me 15,000-- followed the directions in manual to get ready and used designs in the machine. I changed the needle plate to single needle and got message on screen telling me wrong plate is installed.  Took out and reinserted several times, turned machine off and on, re-read directions, substituted my 12,000 single needle plate, and same message appears.  Frustrated, just used the regular sewingplate and embroidered a project which turned out OK.
Does this problem have a 'at home' solution?  Closest Janome dealer is 5 hour drive one way. (not a minute of exaggeration). 
Is it OK to continue to use the sewing plate for embroidery or was I very lucky my fairy godmother was watching over me for this first project? approx 33,000 stitches.
It was updated by previous owner to Quiltmaker version 3.00.
Is there an archive of FAQ's?
Thanks in advance.

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