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I concur with Julia, I rarely use the Janome apps, but do use the 15000 app when needed.  My preference is using my desktop computer.  Unfortunately I find the apps lacking and prefer using MBX to do most features.  Have been wanting to try the AcuSetter, but am old school still using the clothsetter.  Not a very good sketch artist for the AcuStitch, but would like more info on its use.   Also, don't like saving files/designs on ipad without being able to copy and/or delete.  Perhaps I need more instruction on that aspect.  Cloud and dropbox are useful, but don't feel comfortable using...again old school and have slow and limited internet services (satellite).  I have an older Ipad Air which has reached its capacity and hope to purchase a new one in the near future.

On Monday, December 10, 2018, 7:02:44 AM PST, <juliadlf.ny@...> wrote:

At this point I rarely use IPad for transferring/viewing files or using the Janome Apps. I do watch your 15000 app from time to time
when needling some guidance or refresher. 
Computer screen is my preference to view details when working with files. Just my preference.

As to what version IPad I have it is Gen 4 so the 11 will not update on my iPad 
per Apple. My version will stay at 10 with the latest update for my version. 
I want the IPad Pro with the larger screen but that is low on the priority list since I upgraded from the MC12000 to the 
newly released QuiltMaker MC15000 this year. 


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