Re: One-question Poll

Jim Stutsman

Back in 1987 when we first opened our store, our ENTIRE inventory consisted of a rack of Mettler Metrosene thread and 10 Janome sewing machines. She has preferred Metrosene for many years for ordinary sewing, though Superior Bottom Line and King Tut have been favorites for quilting. Embroidery is a mixed bag, as we have a wide variety of leftovers from the store. There is a full set of Madeira Rayon, MANY mini-cones of Robison-Anton polyester, a few random spools of Sulky (mostly multicolor), some Floriani 60wt Micro Poly, and some other random stuff. She uses Janome pre-wound bobbins for embroidery. For quilting Bottom Line is preferred, but we don't have any pre-wound bobbins for anything other than embroidery.

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