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Hatch is an excellent software however like many other software out there they sell their software in tiers.  Wilcom is the same creator of both Hatch and Janome software other than the Artistic software which cannot compare to either Hatch or MBX,  When Janome gives us an update or upgrade it adds features and corrections for some of our other issues we are having with our software.  MBX   Version 5 contains most all of Hatch and more.  The only thing we are lacking is the ability to create cut files with our software other than that for the price we paid we got a bargain.  Everything included.  Hatch again is like Embrilliance you pay separately for each tier(upgrade).   Just be patient Janome will come forware they will not leave their customers hanging.

I have been a Janome software and machine owner since 1996 and never have I felt that they leave their customers hanging.  


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With Hatch recenting releasing their V2 upgrade with some new and exciting features, is it likely that Janome will be doing a similar upgrade to their MBX V5?  Hopefully Janome won't leave their customers lacking enhancements that other Wilcom products are getting.

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