Re: Centering design on 3x shirt

Theresa Lindal

Thanks Tracy
 I appreciate your info very much.  

On Wed, 17 Oct 2018 at 9:48 am, Tracy <TJOriginals@...> wrote:


Hope this will help you with your embroidery on a shirt.


So- give it a try.  I'm always very pleased with shirts that I do this way.  Child shirts have a standard 1-1/2in distance from bottom of neckline to the top of the design.  Depending on the size of the child...  Baby shirts may need to be slightly higher (1in) or if doing a onesie- might be 2in down.  And as a child gets older - you can adjust the distance for their size...  younger teens being avg 2in etc.


Hope this info helps!

Tracy in Nashville, TN

Martha Pullen Licensed Educator





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