Re: Question?????

Carole Schneider

I really appreciate your response but guess I sounded confused as well as frustrated.  I really don't have a problem organizing my designs and have them in folders on my computer.  I guess where my frustration comes from is that in the past when I purchased or downloaded designs I would then put each set of jef designs on a CD which I could then take to my machine, insert into the CD player and the design would come up on my machine screen.  I still use my customizer 11,000 on my computer and it does what I need. I still keep designs in folders on my computer and just transfer to a thumb drive the ones I plan to use at that time.  Guess my frustration comes from having all these designs on CDs and still have to transfer them to another medium in order to use them at my 500e.

I agree that this machine does a nice job of embroidering and I do love the hoop sizes.  Not sure about "Acutools" that you say came with my machine??? Have been all through the handbook and can't find any reference to this feature????  Is this some software I may have overlooked??  Maybe I need to make a search???

Thank you for for your help.

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